Windsor Academy--reportedly the home of the bright and promising. I've come to find that's not entirely the case. Tucked snugly inside the walls of even our most prestigious dormitories are secrets just waiting to be exposed, and on the other side of my retina display Macbook is a girl destined to reveal them. Feel free to lend me an ear, but be careful; this is your official warning. I will admit I have my favorites, but I won’t deprive Windsor’s students of any scoop. You never know what you might mistakenly reveal about yourself. However, I will promise you that it is only a matter of time before someone finds it, and it gets back to me.

So watch your back, everyone knows Whispers can be deadly.

yet your only as good as the company you keep and Stella doesn't seem to be having the best company lately

I’ve truly never been all that impressed with the company any of the Belles keep. 

am I the only one that thinks little miss perfect Elizabeth Alexander would make a potential suitor for the Queens place? She's already all tied up with Mr. Clay Preston, the youngest Hudson and was seen making plans with Sawyer Hawthorne

You can’t base a Queenship on the men, lil’ Cub. 

Baby Hawthorne is playing with fire. He's gonna get burned

It’s been my experience that Baby Hawthorne has a tendency to start fires himself. 

That's rich coming from a gossip page that talks about students and everything that they do.

Gossip page?

I like to think of it as “Campus Awareness”

Even with her questionable choice in men, queenie's still better fit to rule than any of the girls in belle. Why?

Oh, I’m not so sure I agree with that… Stella might be the Belle of the Ball today, but the only way to go from here is down. 

The queen should be allowed to fuck who ever she wants to fuck. As long as we get to watch.

Some of you are really sick. 

The Oxford girls seem to be getting out of line and the belles need to get their priorities in check .

I have quite a few friends who might argue it’s the other way around…

stella hudson isn't fit to be queen. robbing the cradle from the soon to be latest addition of the vermin of windsor? hayley would be much more appropriate.

Hayley? Since when did Hayley enter the competition for the Bellemont crown. 

Trust me, lil’ Cub, Hayley would never just step into Stella’s old place. The Queen’s fall from grace would result in Windsor’s very own Hunger Games to fill the reigning Belle’s shoes. 

violets acting like a slut

If you’re trying to impress me with new information… well, you’ve failed. 

zane needs to just fuck someone to get all his stress out

Watching the shambles that Big Sis is slowly allowing Bellemont to become is no doubt stressful work.